Cross-browser & Multi-platform Compatibility Testing

About Client

The client is a US-based startup providing innovative social emotional learning solutions to educational institutes, companies, and individuals on a subscription basis.

Business Requirement

Given device-browser fragmentation, the client wanted their web application/learning management system (LMS) to work flawlessly across devices, browsers, and platforms. The client’s LMS had to be made cross-browser and multi-platform compatible.

CCS Solution

Testing on major device-browser-OS combinations necessitates a robust test environment. This is where the economic aspect becomes a major concern since setting up real devices, desktop-browser-OS combinations on-premises would imply a large financial commitment. Additionally, maintaining and updating the lab with the latest devices/browsers/versions etc. at regular intervals would be effort intensive. CCS Engineers addressed these challenges by:

Identifying the most widely used devices, browsers, and platforms and arrived at a compatibility testing matrix.

Identifying a comprehensive test infrastructure for compatibility testing.

CCS Engineers opted for cloud-based testing infrastructure (Sauce Labs) given that it provides access to multiple browsers and its many versions, operating systems (OS) and real devices.

Business Benefits

Validated the LMS’s interoperability across different browsers and platforms through low-cost cloud-based testing.

The use of cloud infrastructure for testing eliminated the need for device procurement, maintenance, and updates.

Moving testing to the cloud also allowed for more comprehensive compatibility coverage.

The cross-browser and multiple-platform compatible LMS equipped the client to serve fragmented audiences.