It’s About Time to Upgrade to the Latest SharePoint Version


Why is this the right time to migrate to the latest SharePoint version?

The end of support for SharePoint on-premises 2007 and 2010 is approaching, and with it comes a few risks and challenges for businesses still using these versions. Mainstream support for SharePoint 2013 ended some time ago, and extended support for this version is set to end in April 2023. This means that businesses using older versions will no longer receive security patches, leaving them vulnerable to security risks.

Additionally, the unavailability of system software that is compatible with older versions makes maintenance and customization increasingly difficult and costly. Furthermore, the inability to integrate with the latest M365 office suite means that users will miss out on the enhanced user experience offered by Microsoft’s latest tools and technologies.

Typical challenges in migrating to SharePoint

Migrating a large number of sites with a vast amount of content and customizations can be a daunting task. The complexity and challenges of such a migration make it crucial to conduct a thorough assessment in order to determine which content is active and necessary to migrate. Without this assessment, it can be difficult to make informed decisions about what content should be moved to the new platform. This is why it is vital to take the time to carefully assess your current SharePoint sites and determine which content is essential to move forward. Some typical challenges include;

  • Evaluating the complexity of customizations, which can range from custom web parts to workflows.
  • Gathering the SharePoint site inventory
  • Identifying the right migration approach
  • Post migration incompatibilities
  • User mapping
  • Disorganized content
  • Third-party solutions migration
  • Merging or restructuring content based on best practices


Summary of different options available

When migrating content from one version of SharePoint to another, there are various options to choose from, including free tools from Microsoft, paid tools from vendors, and custom solutions for specific cases. It’s important to select the appropriate tool based on the complexity and budget allocated for a successful migration.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Migration tool
  • PowerShell script
  • Console application
  • DB upgrade (On-prem to On-prem)
  • Third party tools (ShareGate, AvePoint, Metalogix etc.)
  • Custom tools or bulk upload


How we can help

CCS can help you navigate the migration process by extending our experience with tools and ready-to-use automation scripts to accelerate the migration process. We also re-engineer/re-architect solutions and processes using the latest technologies and best practices in the latest SharePoint version. Lastly, we can improve your ROI by using and extending the tools and technologies available. With CCS, you can confidently move to the latest SharePoint version.